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      I am a Canadian woman exploring the world of writing. My greatest hope is to discover the truth of the characters who live and breath in my imagination, and to share their stories with genuine spirit and intent. I did not choose to become a writer. Many years ago, writing chose me. Where this adventuure will lead me is anyone's guess, but for me it's in the not knowing where the greatest excitement bubbles...       



A Second Short Story Published!


I’m thrilled to announce that another of my short stories-- ‘Bamboozled!’--has been published in the Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishers' book The Dog Did What? This officially will be released on August 19, 2014, but it sure is fun to get a sneak peak before it does. 

What a wonderful way to memorialize such an amazing creature as our six pound tiny toy poodle, Pixie, with love.

A Successful First Launch

Sue Signing Books

On Sunday, Nov. 24th at Books & Company in Picton, Ontario, my promotional book launch for the Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishers' book O Canada, The Wonders of Winter proved a great success. The bookstore seemed tickled with a substantial number of sales that day and for me, personally, the event signified far more than announcing to the world—or at least my corner of it—that I'd written a short story a publisher actually decided to published!  

This was a perfect opportunity to acknowledge and show my appreciattion for my community, friends and family; to let everyone know just how much all their support and encouragement have helped me along the journey to this point as an author.  

For more great photos CLICK HERE!

For articile about the launch in The Picton Gazette, CLICK HERE! (PAGE 13)

Heartfelt Thanks to:

Books & Company and David Sweet & staff for hosting the launch.

Authors Ted Staunton & Erin Thomas for their participation and donation of books.

Authors Lena Coakley and Richard Ungar for the donation of their books.

Friends Deanna Toews and Alison Miller for helping bake the cookies.

Alison's mom, Alice Miller, for the donation of her book, I Knew Better (Than to Marry a Farmer).

Green Gables and Diana Cooper for her donation of door prize offerings.

Lockyer's Country Garden & Greg Moore for the donations for Christmas goodies.


George Brown College's continuing education department offers two fantastic courses: 

Writing Fiction for Children I  

Writing Fiction for Children II 

Both are taught by  author and teacher Ted Staunton

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